David B. Page, MA, is an award-winning woodcut printmaker, illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer. Educated in the Sciences at Lawrence University and in the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he now lives in San Francisco. David's woodcut specialty creates the strong graphic images inherent to the medium and adds the grace of the great draftsmen of history who are his inspirations. Artists like Daumier, Durer, Tenniel, Lautrec and Rembrandt. The prints can be infused with color and manipulated quickly with the computer. Harper Row, Scribner's and Paraclete Press are clients, as are magazines and newspapers such as the Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Progressive. He also illustrated the limited edition One of the Missing for Yolla Bolly Press. His design credits include the business books, Global Talent, The Leader as a Mensch, and HR Transformation.

David has traveled through five continents, capturing compelling portraits and landscapes in 37 countries. His photographs have appeared in the Wilderness Travel Catalogue, Islands Magazine, Bay Nature Magazine, corporate publications and have been used by the Planning and Conservation League and the Sierra Club. They have been projected on buildings during Earthday, NY and can be found on the walls of private collectors and galleries. David has also photographed a range of events from fund raisers for the San Francisco Free Clinic to Cartier parties at the Caribou Club in Aspen.